StoneBase Underlayment by StoneDeck Innovations

Upgrade your outdoor living space with exciting and innovative decking ideas like StoneBase Underlayment.

Used together with our decking materials, StoneBase Underlayment will help you overcome various issues in your hardscape projects – making the job easier and producing better results.

StoneBase Underlayment is a porous rubber underlay that can be used in conjunction with PaverDeck, Paver Deck Planks, our soil grid products, SilcaGrate, or any pedestal system. Laid between the preferred product and your porcelain pavers or stone StoneBase Underlayment helps to deaden sound and reduce the movement of the pavers above while allowing moisture to drain. This protects against shifting stone tiles due to freeze & thaw cycles and prevents noise from rooftop decks and patios from affecting levels below.

An outstanding complement to your pedestal and soil grid projects, StoneBase Underlayment can help you achieve better results when constructing hardscapes or rooftop environments. Replacing the traditional method of using geotextile cloth with StoneBase Underlayment will enhance your project and provide added benefits.

Easy to install, StoneBase Underlayment requires no special tools. Virtually any novice or DIY’er can install it successfully. More experienced contractors are thrilled at how straightforward installation can be, shaving hours of labour off their projects.

Because StoneBase Underlayment is permeable, moisture quickly drains away, avoiding the shifting and damage caused by Canadian freeze/thaw cycles. This product is also resistant to mould, fungi and bacteria, preventing unseen issues from developing below your projects. StoneBase Underlayment is incredibly durable and exceptionally stable in high and low temperatures.

Manufactured with recycled rubber, StoneBase Underlayment can be a key element of your sustainable building practices. Its durability means minimal waste or replacement will be necessary, further contributing to its low ecological footprint. StoneBase Underlayment is also eligible for LEED points when constructing environmentally friendly projects.

StoneBase Underlayment offers a variety of advantages that make it an ideal complement to your deck, patio and rooftop environment construction projects.

The Advantages of Using StoneBase Underlayment for Your Hardscapes:

  • Outstanding Versatility – StoneBase Underlayment can be installed wherever you’re using our stone deck or soil grid products as well as pedestal system. These systems are the perfect way to construct decks and patios with less effort. Use StoneBase Underlayment wherever there is a risk of surface tiles or stones shifting or as a noise insulator,  like decks, patios or balconies, or on rooftop decks.
  • Noise Insulation – When constructing a rooftop environment such as a deck, patio or green roof, StoneBase Underlayment can offer a welcome layer of noise-deadening insulation, reducing noise and impact on the ceiling of those below.
  • Stable & Durable – StoneBase Underlayment can stand up to the blistering sun and icy cold Canadian winters; and will hold up as long as you need it to.
  • Easier Installs – StoneBase Underlayment helps reduce or even eliminate the sliding and horizontal movement of your surface materials during the installation phase. This will speed up the construction process, saving time, labour and money.
  • Quick Draining – Because StoneBase Underlayment is permeable, water drains away quickly. This prevents water from pooling below your projects which can freeze and contract during the winter months.
  • Eco-Friendly – Made of recycled rubber, StoneBase Underlayment qualifies for LEED points and is an integral part of any sustainable building project.

Use StoneBase Underlayment to make the job of constructing new hardscapes easier and faster!

StoneBase Underlayment Dimensions

Choose StoneBase Underlayment to construct better hardscapes!

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