StoneBase Underlayment
Making Innovative Hardscape Projects Faster & Easier

As an integral part of your hardscape construction projects, StoneBase Underlayment will help make the job easier, faster and more cost-effective while delivering a host of benefits.

A porous rubber underlay used together with our deck and patio products, StoneBase Underlayment helps reduce the movement of your porcelain pavers or stone while allowing moisture to drain away quickly. It also offers the added advantage of acting as a sound-deadening barrier, and when used in a rooftop environment, will provide an additional layer of protection for valuable roofing membranes.

StoneBase Underlayment replaces the need to use traditional geotextile fabric in your deck or patio project, while offering better performance, durability, and features.

The Benefits of Using StoneBase Underlayment for Your Hardscape Projects:

  • Versatility – Install StoneBase Underlayment wherever you’re using any of our deck and patio products. Use it to help prevent surface tiles from shifting or reduce noise. StoneBase Underlayment is perfect for patios, decks, balconies and rooftop environments.
  • Easier Installations – Not only is StoneBase Underlayment easy to install, but it can help make your entire project go more smoothly, reducing the sliding and horizontal movement of surface tiles during the installation phase.
  • Instant Drainage – Because StoneBase Underlayment is permeable, water drains away quickly. This creates safer surfaces while resisting the shifting caused by freeze & thaw cycles.
  • Noise-Deadening – StoneBase Underlayment acts as a sound deadening feature by providing a layer of insulation for your outdoor spaces. This layer of insulation with StoneBase Underlayment is also beneficial in a rooftop application in that is protects the roofing membrane.
  • Durability – Whether used on the ground or the roof, StoneBase Underlayment stands strong against the elements. It is also resistant to mould, bacteria and fungi, remaining stable for years.
  • Sustainable – StoneBase Underlayment is manufactured with recycled rubber and qualifies for LEED points.

Choose StoneBase Underlayment for faster hardscaping projects!

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